Pamporovo - the sunniest resort in Bulgaria

If you haven’t learned to ski, the resort offers a wonderful opportunity to do so. The ski schools in Pamporovo are some of the best in Europe.

The ski runs in Pamporovo are with different levels of difficulty. Green ones - suitable for beginners, to black runs which are a real challenge for professionals. Total length of ski tracks is 37 kilometers and together with ski runs they are over 65 kilometers. The most numerous are slopes for beginner skiers and snowboarders - green and blue. The resort is particularly suitable for cross-country skiing with over 30 km of tracks that pass through the picturesque Rhodope Mountains reaching down to the village of Mugla. All tracks in the resort start at peak Snezhanka (1926 meters).

The landscape of the resort does not allow the formation of avalanches, there are no sharp peaks and the risk of getting lost beyond the ski area is minimal.


Ski run "The Wall" is lighted at night and allows one of the most attractive services for professional skiers and snowboarders - night skiing. When weather permits, night skiing starts from 18:00 to 22:00 and is served by Lift №2 at Studenets center.


Pamporovo offers excellent conditions for practicing of snowboard. The resort has an unique 105 m halfpipe track – the only one of its kind in Southeastern Europe, on which a number of races and competitions are held each season. The favorable location of Fun Park Pamporovo near the lifts, the attractive appliances and challenging jumps attract adults as well as small fans of snowboarding to the resort.


The characteristics of the terrain in Pamporovo and distribution of mountain slopes are attractive and suitable for practicing freestyle snowboarding and skiing. Due to the diversity of slopes and appropriate forest, riding off-piste here combines the pleasure of freeriding and the feeling of safety


Over the past few years Pamporovo started to develop a very popular in the US and Europe sport - ski doo (Ski doo) or snowmobile. This sport can be practiced in many sloping hills and meadows outside the official ski area. Strolls with friends among the slopes can be organized with snowmobiles.


Arctic Husky sled dogs in the ski slopes of Pamporovo is one of the most popular attractions in the resort. Snow sled journey lasts about 20 minutes, Usually children are willing to take the ride and enjoy it with the well trained Huskies.


Pamporovo is also one of the sunniest places in Bulgaria - an average of 240 days a year here the weather is clear. Besides winter resort Pamporovo is a great place for summer holidays. During warmer months, you will find coolness and tranquility. In the summer there are also many opportunities for leisure. You can plan day trips to Shirika Luka, Stoykite, Gela, Bachkovo and the Bachkovo monastery fortress, or go hiking to nearby Chepelare and Wonderful bridges, Smolyan Lakes and Rozhen Observatory. Lovers of caves can organize an entire day dedicated to their hobby.

In the region of Smolyan is situated the beautiful cave Uhlovitsa and near Devin - three well known caves - Jagodina, Devil's Throat and Haramiiska. In the town of Smolyan is one of the most visited planetariums.